This year marked the beginning of new phase of life for me, what I am calling my Co-Vocational Era. 

Co-vocational means I'm working two "jobs," but each one is more than just something to pay the bills. 

First, I'm an Anglican priest. This is a special calling, and a permanent one, though it might take different shapes at different times. From 2016 through 2023, it looked like a full-time employment by the local church I pastor.

We realized together that this wasn't a financially sustainable configuration, and I'd need to redirect a significant portion of my time in order to make ends meet.

I thought about a lot of possibilities in my wheelhouse: chaplaincy, teaching, etc. But then it came to me - why not web design?

I've been building websites since the early days of the Internet, when I taught myself the basics of HTML on an Angelfire hosted site. I even did paid work as a theme designer (for Tumblr, lol) and consulted as a WordPress implementation expert for a small business.  Plus, I've been working on my own personal website as well as my church site that whole time.

I know the tools. I'm familiar with the industry. I love design. And I am passionate about helping people connect in meaningful ways on the Internet. 

So, started developing my brand, polishing my skills, and laying groundwork in late 2023. In January 2024, I launched Hale Creative

As of this post, I've already worked with churches, non-profits, a coach, a school, a holistic healthcare practitioner, and even a music group. And I love it!

I get to do a lot of things I both enjoy and have a knack for:

  • Create things that are beautiful and useful
  • Contribute to causes, organizations, and people that are doing positive work in the world
  • Problem solve
  • Continually improve systems
  • Leverage the Internet and technology for the good of people

Plus, the work is flexible, so I'm able to continue to contribute key time to my family and to the church.

I feel blessed to be in the place that I'm in: both fulfilling my priestly calling, and working to build a web design business that provides for my family and makes a positive contribution to the world.